Description of Ciugud


The town of Ciugud, located in the county of Alba, is a benchmark in Romania in terms of integrating new technologies and due to the efficient use of european funds for sustainable growth. Ciugud is an example of best practices in Europe because its record absorption of european funds: approximately 35 million euros, which means, at a population of 3.500 inhabitants, 10.000 euros per capita.

Ciugud is a promoter of the ‘smart village’ concept and, since 2020, is a case study for the Romanian Government, who wants to expand this concept to the whole country. Also, the first ‘smart school’ in the rural area of Romania is located in Ciugud and it was opened in 2019.

Ciugud is a renowned business destination, because it has an area of economic growth where over 40 companies work and a total of almost 1.000 employees. The Economic Growth Area Ciugud-Drâmbar is one the best shaped ‘greenfield’ industrial areas situated in the center of Romania, continuously attracting local and foreign companies.

One of the most modern golf courses in Europe, Theodora Golf Club, is located in Ciugud. This is where successful meetings with business partners can take place. 

For all these reasons, but mostly because its open and friendly community with the business environment, we chose the town of Ciugud as the host of CoBuild.